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What are your benefits?

Excellent design

From experience, we have learnt that running successful design projects requires not only creativity, flair and knowledge of how a building is created, but also excellent communication skills, multi-tasking and financial knowledge.

Customer focused

We create a living environment that expresses the customers needs through the harmony of objects and spaces.

Functional and aesthetical

My emphasis is on functionality, keeping in mind the importance of
aesthetics, be it a simple home, a luxury apartment, an office, a holiday resort at Lake Balaton or restaurant.

Wide range of services

I have several foreign clients whom I want to feel at home in Hungary, through a blend of national and international solutions. I ensure I incorporate the use of experienced craftsmen and suppliers before starting construction, in order to avoid unexpected problems and expenses.

Home decor is a real art where creativity and precision come together.


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I consider myself lucky, growing up surrounded by a creative environment which taught me the value that art brings to our lives, and now I strive for the perfect interior designs, both for homes and work places.

Priority for me is the high level of empathy towards my clients to maximise their space and customised solutions.

Work process

At the first meeting we aim to identify your needs and objectives, we will build a tailor-made project proposition with quotation according to the number and size of rooms you will want us to help you with.

After approval we will start a concept design plan that will give you:

Az első és talán legfontosabb a megfelelő megrendelői igények felmérése, hiszen ekkor kapok valós képet az adott helyszínről és az elérendő célokról.

A megfelelő igények birtokában elkészítem a színes látványtervet és az alaprajzot. Fontos az optimális méretű és tájolású terek kialakítása, praktikus és nem utolsó sorban elegáns berendezéssel. Elsőre talán nem is gondolnánk, de a megfelelően elhelyezett világítás roppant lényeges a belső terek kialakításánál. Ahogy a fényekkel, úgy az ideális színekkel is remekül tudunk játszani, melyekkel elrejthetünk vagy kiemelhetünk bizonyos részeket a berendezni kívánt helységben.

A kreatív és precíz tervezés végeztével már csak a megvalósítás van hátra. A tökéletes végeredmény eléréséhez folyamatosan egyeztetek a kivitelezővel, és a megrendelővel is. A legkorszerűbb anyagok és technológia ismeretében segítek kiválasztani a bútorokat, burkolatokat és egyéb kiegészítőket



I had vague but still very decisive ideas about my new home, and those had to be coordinated. We consulted about the possibilities, and Maria guided my thoughts to the right solutions. She created a home that I've dreamt of, she listens, as well as advises. I am completely satisfied, and I highly recommend her to my friends.
T. István



We wanted to ask an expert’s help in harmonising the interior of our home. It is hard for us to imagine all the colors, furniture, accessories. She helped us with all the necessary information and 3D visualisation. We discussed several designs, sketches, possibilities. She is a very professional, reliable and extremely particular about details. We created a lively beautiful home together. It is designed exactly how we wanted it.
T. Judit



My main problem was how to make spacious, bright home out of a poorly structured, dark apartment. What colors shall I choose in different parts of my apartment. After the initial meeting and property visit she immediately understood my needs and I got the perfect plans for the first time, only minimal changes were needed. I met a helpful, fast, exquisite taste, flexible and kind person, I could rely on her even months after the assignment, and this was very important for me! She have offered me different materials, furniture, colors, specifically considering my taste and financial capabilities. I have referred her to many of my friends.
M. Kata



First and foremost, I needed time and interior design expertise when I contacted Maria. She helped me with creative ideas, recommending and procuring the necessary entrepreneurs, materials, accessories and fixtures. We love our finished project, she worked very hard, and made a wonderful job. She is talented, responsible, warm and friendly. I was satisfied with the job, the attitude, and the preparedness.
K. Tibor


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